Saturday, August 8, 2009

Still Around, and a little behind

Wow! It's been ages since I've shared here! Life has kind of been put on hold for the last three months. I have made a few cards, but I haven't been taking pictures or sharing them due to not having my ideal things. But I've been living without my stuff for over two months now, and I miss sharing my work. So I thought I'd start up sharing again.

I made this card back in the beginning of May. It's a belated birthday card for my step-mom. Yeah, I've been a little behind. The stamp set is from High Hopes Stamps. But unfortunately they're not talking orders anymore. They're in the process of switching over to wholesale only. I am anxiously waiting for their list of retail shops to buy their stamps through. I love them!
The papers are all from sei. I pierced holes and ran embroidery floss through them to give the look of stitching.

It's good to be "back". :)

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