Monday, August 10, 2009

PUBLISHED!! Sorta...

I think I shared a while back how excited I was that I was going to be published. (Maybe it was at my personal blog.) I was so very excited. Well, the magazine is out now. Well, sorta. It's the very first issue of Christian Paper Crafts Magazine. As far as I know, there aren't any stores that carry it yet. You can purchase it, or an electronic version of it from their website. I got the electronic version of it, and was quite flattered that they used my card for the Fall Section main page. Wanna peek?

I spent forever on this card back in April!

Honestly, I have mixed emotions about the whole experience. I love, love, LOVE, that the magazine is focused on Jesus. But I feel that since our cards were what gave the magazine it's substance, we should have gotten the electronic version of it free. It boasts over 160 pages, but a lot of them are blank pages which seems to me that they could have done a better job on that.

It is a brand new publication though, so I'm curious to see how God uses it. There are some truly beautifully done cards in it, and I'm not referring to mine! In fact, thanks to some of those cards, and my friend that stayed with me, I'm beginning to learn how to do paper quilling! It's a very time consumin craft, but I think the items made from it are beautiful! Hopefully I'll be using it on cards in the near future. :)

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