Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kids at Play... and a personal note

I suppose the personal note will come first. For those that don't know, my husband is in the US Army. Last week we got notice that our expected tour of 5 years has gotten cut 2 years short. My husband has to report to his new duty station July 10th. So I have been rather busy with trying to get our five bedroom house ready to be shown to perspective buyers. Unfortunately it is taking up near all my time. I have been working on a few charms and things in the rare spare moments I get, but I don't have anything to show as of yet. So, if this blog is slow, you know why. There's quite a few challenges out there I want to do, but unfortunately other responsibilities come first. Not to mention my in-laws are visiting next week!

Anyhow... I made this 12x12 spread a couple months ago. I created it to submit to a popular magazine. Since I have not heard from them, I figure I might as well share it here. I really do love this layout, and I spent a LOT of time on it!

I love the bright primary colors on this layout that I drew out from the background of the pictures. We had gone to the Burger King on base one very cold February Day. I got in with the kids and did my best to catch the life and energy that our children seem to have an abundance of. I chose to lay the pictures on slight angles to give the feel of movement. The sprinkling of brads and curly q's help to keep the "fun" in the layout.

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  1. That's a really great layout!