Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crafting for a Cause

As if I actually *need* an excuse to do what I do, I think I've found my good cause to create for! If you are a card maker, I'd like to ask you to take a moment to visit Cards for Heroes.

As a military wife, it's easy to see why I'd be drawn to what this organization does. It really does hit home. Most of our men and women that are deployed have regular access to shoppetts where they can get the necessities. Gone are the days where they counted on care packages to get their toilet paper and snacks. But one thing that they seem to not have, cards. This might seem like a very insignificant thing, but when there's family back home having birthdays, going through holidays, it's frustrating when there is no card available. Thankfully my hubby had an internet connection, he ended up ordering cards online whenever a child had a birthday. But these came with his greeting either printed by computer or by someone else's hand. It's just an awkward feeling. How great would it have been if he had cards like these to mail home to wish his little ones a Happy Birthday.

So, I think now I know who I can create a card for when I have time, but no one in mind. Not like I'm going to single handedly create a ton of cards, but every little bit helps. With some time I'll have a decent amount to donate myself.

So, if you're a card maker, and looking for an excuse to do what you do, well, I don't mean to be an enabler, but check out this video. :)

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