Saturday, December 27, 2008

Masculine Duo

With Christmas now behind us, I've finally moved out of the mindset of creating Christmas Cards. Although, I'll still have a few of them to share, especially since I'm on the Christmas Cards All Year 'Round Blog. I'm hoping with the small amount of discipline throughout the year, I'll have a whole variety of homemade Christmas Cards next year!

So, as I tried to scratch my creative itch, I decided to take a look at my calendar. My father and one of my father in-laws each have birthdays in January. It's the perfect time to make some masculine Birthday Cards.

Yeah, I definitely do 'cute' better than 'masculine'. I had started this design as a horizontal card, but I decided last minute to try the verticle layout. They're pretty simple cards that don't need much explanation.

The little cake is cut from a Cuttlebug Die. I cut out four total to double up so they would be sturdier to handle being propped up on thick adhesive. They're colored with my Prima's and Baby Oil, naturally. :)

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