Thursday, December 18, 2008

Almost Embarrassed

I have been working on cards, but I can't post any of them yet because they are for submission to other sites. Soon though, soon! My daughter on the other hand decided to make a card tonight. All of her blog stuff has to go through me, I'm not ready to let her loose on the world wide web quite yet, and I am almost embarrassed by her last post. You can tell she's an eight year old girl that isn't too savvy with her words, but I want her to be herself, and not correct every little thing.

However, that's not what bothers me, in her last post she said that I am "really good". It sounds like I put her up to it! I swear that I didn't! I want her to talk about herself, and her crafting, but she keeps pointing at me. Anyway, if there's anyone visiting, and has a heart for children, please visit her and leave a little hello. You should see the big smiles that comments on her first card brought to her face. Kirsten's Kreations

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