Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pointsettas and Snowflakes

Yesterday I just didn't have the inspiration to work on a larger project for my arts and crafts show coming up. So instead I defaulted to creating Christmas cards. :)

This was my first, and I admit I stumbled through it. The background is beautiful, but I struggled to get the Pointsettas right. I ended up inking red paper to try to get a decent shade. I may need some more work on that.

The papers came from a Holiday pack I purchased from Hobby Lobby. The ribbon came from there as well. The Pointsettas and the words came from the Solutions Christmas Cartridge on my Cricut.

After that card I moved on to another, and it was a totally different story. I love it when cards just come together and seems like you don't even have to try. I'm on a snow trip this year. Snowflakes, snow men, I love them both!

I used the same cartridge to mark then cut out the snowflakes. I inked the blackout pieces to give them a little depth. I added two different toned blue jewels that I had in my stash before mounting them with dimensionals. The ribbon I picked up from Walmart and I cut the tag with my Cricut and stamped the sentiment. Add some glittery embossing powder and two snowflake brads and viola! A pretty Christmas card!

If only they all practically made themselves!

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love the snowflake one. Love it!

    I found cards in English to send out this year but they are rather pathetic. Maybe one of these days I'll get creative again and learn how to make cards. I just love all the ones you've shared!