Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tropical Christmas

I'm on a roll thanks to the Christmas Cards All Year 'Round blog! When I saw their challenge today, my previous Pastor came to mind almost imediately. He was always wearing Hawiian shirts, even in the dead of winter. He'd always comment about how he never thought God would bring him to frozen Kansas, it certainly wasn't his own idea! Now that he's returned to his native Southern California to plant another church he's constantly reminding us that the whether there is positively perfect. When his wife gets homesick for Kansas, he reminds her of the ice storm and below freezing temps. So I just had to do a Hawiian shirt for this card.

It's hard to see, but the text that is overly glittery in this pic because of the flash says "Wishing you a Tropical Christmas!" The little shirt is a gift card holder. I tied ribbon around the 'neck' and tied it like a tie. Not that he wore one often, but the "Cool Yule" was perfect! That ribbon had been sitting around since last January! About time it got used. Thankfully his wife doesn't visit this blog (that I know of) so it'll be a surprise when Christmas comes around. :)

It's time I become the domestic princess. I've gotten dishes done, and the starts of dinner are in the slow cooker thankfully, but laundry is screaming to get done!

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