Monday, September 22, 2008

Now we're talking!

I am feeling rather satisfied this evening! Those who know me, know that I don't have the most organized house. Heck, my basement is half living area (my two oldest kids rooms are down there), half storage area. Half the basement is half way organized and put together, the other... well, lets just say it's a nightmare. I headed out to Hobby Lobby today, have I ever mentioned I L-O-V-E that store? They're a bit expensive for my taste, (well actually for the family funds), but the only other craft store in town is a Ben Franklin's that is a quarter the size, therefore has a fraction of the selection. But when Hobby Lobby has it's 50% off sale I am one happy camper!

I've been eying this 12x12 paper storage thing for a looooooooooooong while. But with a $50 price tag there was no way I was ever gonna get it. Till today! They were actually included in the 50% off sale of all scrapbooking organizers.

I swear, it's not actually crooked, my picture taking abilities are rather questionable! Anyhow, I love it. I'm very glad I didn't pay the full $50 for it, as I do not think it is worth that amount. One of my shelves came out of the package cracked, but it is so nice to have my paper somewhat organized! No more digging through a whole drawer of papers trying to find what I want!

With the paper finally organized, I was on a roll. I got a whole corner cleaned up!

Well, almost all the way cleaned up. I hadn't even thought about those shelves on the bottom till I saw this picture right now. I guess I have more work to do. But it's nice to have some resemblance of a work space available. Anyone want to make a wager on how soon it'll be a mess again? I'm guessing it'll be less than a month! The only thing I don't like is that there's no electrical outlet there. So my Cricket doesn't work over there. I have it at another table for now, we'll see if I decide to change that.

With all that space open, it was asking to be used. So my oldest daughter and I worked on her Birthday Invitation. Thankfully she only needed one done, other wise I would have never gotten quite so fancy. It's fun working with my girl, it's nice to have a little crafter in the house.

It turned out really well in my opinion. Too bad things don't always come to me quite so easily.

Good news is that stamps were half off at Hobby Lobby today too. :) (<-- That's an ear to ear grin right there.) I decided I want to give my hand a go at the old fashioned embossing, and I can't wait to play around with the sparklies!

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