Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Brain

My sis called yesterday. She had an ultrasound to try to figure out how far along she is. They're estimating her due date around April 1st. I joked with her that it would be totally like her spawn to be born on April Fools Day! lol But honestly truly, I'm excited for her!! I'm hoping I'll be able to sneak away from here for a week or so to help out with the new little one when it comes. We'll see how the hubby cares for the idea of being left alone with the kids for so long. lol

Anyhow, yesterday I stepped into a store that I've been wanting to visit but never got around to it. They had Fiskar texture plates cheap! *woo-hoo* They also had some discontinued paper at a good price. I found this cute blue and white paper perfect for little baby boys. Take that and add my desire to play with my new little glittery stuff, I came up with Baby Shower Invitations. I started to make a bunch of them last night. Today I've continued working on them between laundry and dishes, and chasing the 'tupid puppy. (She's not really stupid, I just got upset that she dug under the back fence and got out. She'd only been out there a short while!) Anyhow, I need to pick up some envelopes and see if I can sell them on ebay. Not that I'd make much off of them, but I need the practice.

I still need to get better at taking pictures of them. I brought down two lamps and almost all of the pics look rather yellowish. Perhaps it's the bulbs? I dunno.

Anywho... the dishes are calling my name once again.

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