Tuesday, February 2, 2010

40 x 4 = a whole lotta love!

This post is a little bit more of a personal note, but I just have to share.
We are a homeschooling family, and this Friday is the homeschool Valentine party. They're expecting about 40 kids, and since I have 4 children giving valentines... let's just say I had a LOT of Valentines to make!

I can not believe we cranked out this number of Valentines in two days, but oh my does it feel good to have accomplished such a goal. It couldn't have been done without my Cricut, that is for sure! That thing definitely got a work out playing a part in each of the four types of Valentines. And of course I made my kids help a little!

My oldest got blue and pink bags to put candy in, and I designed a topper on MTC for the bags. We cut them out of white cardstock, he wrote Happy Valentines Day on them, and I attached them to the baggies.

Though I am often after him for his sloppy handwriting, there is something charming about kid handwriting on Valentines. I think the blue or pink coming through the hearts is really striking as well.

My older daughter went with conversation hearts.

We got cute little bags from the wedding aisle at Walmart, and two big bags of conversation hearts to go in them. I used paper scraps to cut 3x3 cards, and my cricut came to the rescue cutting out hearts for her to glue on to them. She has some of her own stamping stuff, so she enjoyed stamping hearts on the inside of the cards along with writing Happy Valentine's Day. We attached the cards to the baggies with shiny twist ties.

My younger son did pretty much the same thing as my oldest, but used clear bags and red toppers.

He says it was just a coincidence that he wore his "I'd so rather be playing a video game" shirt on the day we were making these. But I'm not sure I believe him. lol

For my youngest, we went sweet and simple. (Can you blame me?)

Once again, cricut to the rescue! We cut scalloped squares with two small holes on either end. I then stamped "Happy ♥ Day". She slid them onto the lolly pop sticks and was a happy camper. Sure she put most of them on upside down, but she's five, who's going to care. lol

Thanks for looking!

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