Monday, January 18, 2010

Wood Work

Well... it looks like I may have revisited my first paper crafting love... Scrapbooking. Here's two in a row! I had decided that this year I was going to scrap as I go. Meaning that yes, I do have 10 years worth of pictures to scrap, but that always feels so overwhelming. If I continue to try to start from the beginning, I'm going to miss today, going to miss the now. So I'm making sure I get the now done, and maybe I'll get some of the past done along the way.

Ever since our visit to my Mom's my oldest has been practically obsessed with firewood. Given the cold temps lately he and daddy went to gather wood and came back with a truck load. The mother in me didn't want to let my precious first born handle a saw, but with daddy's oversight he did an awesome job.

For the layout I chose boyish colors and roughed up the edges of a few of the papers, as we know, boys tear everything up. I used an older sketch from Nuts About Sketches. The title and campfire were cut using MTC and my Cricut (naturally.) Though this layout doesn't have much embellishments, I think all came together nicely.

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