Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby Boy

I had mentioned in another post how I'm 10 years behind on my scrapbooking. Here's the proof. lol I posted the layout about my 11 year old son who is crazy about wood... well I'm starting his baby book. Finally! Yeah, we'll see how long this book takes to finish! Anyhow, looking over his pictures brought back so many memories, it's sad how quickly they grow up!

I rarely ever do a layout with only one picture, it was kind of a nice change of pace. The tag in the bottom corner says "a babe in your arms with all of its charms undeniably from God". The stars have been slightly glittered up with holographic embossing powder as you can see on the bottom trio of stars.

I added just a tad of dimension with thick adhesive under the letters and a few of the stars. Though it doesn't have a ton of embellishments it's simply clean and cute. That tends to be my style when it comes to layouts.

I don't know about you, but I am always trying to figure out how to get good lighting when I take pictures of my layouts. I have a plastic bin that's been turned into a mini photo studio for my cards, but it's not big enough for full sheets of 12x12 paper. In the quest for good lighting (as it is a cloudy, wet day today) I seemed to have gained a "helper" along the way.

My daughter's cat always has to be involved when there's something happening in the house, and this was no exception. I did get a good shot of him though. :) The light brought out his gorgeous stripes and blue eyes.

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