Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chaos Complete

Howdy World! Wow... four months of no posting. Life has been crazy here. Six months ago, the military packed up our house and took our goods from Kansas to Alabama. A month later my hubby went, leaving me and our four kids in Kansas. I am glad to say that earlier this month we finally arrived in Alabama!

Today I tackled the big job of getting all of my craft stuff out of the boxes they've resided in. I have a much smaller place to work now (went from a 2060 sq. foot 5 bedroom house to a 1600 sq. foot 3 bedroom house), but it was so nice to see my crafty toys again! I haven't found my Cricut cartridges yet, so I still have some more boxes to go through. I'm hoping to be posting regularly once again come the beginning of the new year!

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