Monday, January 5, 2009

Before and After

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. With the holidays upon us, no school, and no extra activities I've been seriously enjoying down time with the family. Today however things went back to normal. Naturally, that depends on one's definition of normal. :)

These past few days my hubby started feeling that urge to create something. Vacation is nice, but most men tend to need something to do or they go stir crazy. So I introduced him to my wish list for our basement. My craft table is in our basement along with a ton of other stuff. Our basement is partially finished, two rooms are complete, the rest of it is framed out, some of it has bare drywall. It quickly became our storage place, but with a lack of storage solutions it looked more like a dump! I can't believe I'm going to share these pictures with the whole wide world, but here goes nothing!


At the far end there is my small crafting table. The pile of stuff in the foreground is just stuff that I needed to get stored away. What started as an innocent "I'll find a place for this later" turned into a monster with a life of it's own. Thanks to the hubby's "bordness" I now have a craft area with awesome storage places!


I promise there's no special cropping, the mess is actually gone! And buried deep in there were some old buttons and ribbon I was overjoyed to discover. But my favorite thing of all, is the fabulous pegboard! The stuff was just sitting in our garage, left over from my in-laws visit nearly two years ago!


I just absolutely love that my stuff is right at hands reach. I would spend so much time trying to find my stuff, dragging things off shelves. My ribbon is right out in the open, and since lots of my little crates are off my table top I have much more room to work. I'm so in love with it. lol It's not nearly as pretty, or 'inspiring' as other craft rooms I've seen on the net, but it is functional, and I really like functional!


Here's another corner. This one is my inventory/shipping area. Since my holiday craft show I've begun collecting glass jars and pop top cans, hoping to have an ample supply for next year. However I had no where to put them, so bags and boxes started to stack up, making it hard to find anything.


Hubby was dieing to use his power tools, and he put them to good use by building the shelving unit for me. Add two shelves above my inventory area and I'm super pleased!

So that's been keeping me busy, along with working on my new website. I'm hoping to have it up sometime in February. I'm loving how it's turning out, but it's certainly taking a lot of time!

The other day I was in one of my favorite discount stores, and they had a terrific pack of handmade papers. I'm hoping I get down to my new and improved scrap area soon to use them!


  1. Can I just say that I am so jealous I'm green? :) I'd love a space like that for myself. Your hubby did good!

  2. That's awesome, Denise! I didn't know that Bob was so handy and that you are doing craft shows! You're both very talented! :c)