Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All in the family

For the past several months, my daughter has been my shadow, following me around checking out how I do things. She helped me make snowflakes for my craft show items, and it's been so much fun. She's getting older now, she's growing up, and I think it's fabulous that she shares the love for crafting with me.

Just recently I came across the Crafty Monkeys blog. It's a fabulous crafting blog ran by kids for kids. My daughter (and admittedly myself) jumped up and down for joy. She immediately knew she wanted to participate. So over the last week, we've been working on making a blog all her own. It HAD to be pink after all.

Now that she's made her first card for her first challenge, I'd like to present it here. Kirsten's Kreations. It'll be neat to look back at it in the future!


  1. She did a great job. It's nice when you can find something you and your child likes doing together.

  2. tried to comment from my phone earlier but it wouldn't let me...

    Love that she's sharing this with you. Her blog is adorable and the card is cute. How neat that you guys can share something like this.