Friday, November 21, 2008

Goodie Holders

I'm still working on projects for the arts and crafts show next weekend. I came across Becca's amazing blog, she does the most beautiful elegant work! In that treasure of a blog she has this most creative craft! Goodie holders made from empty ribbon spools! My first one took me near two hours to figure out. Becca gives you the bigger picture and some basic steps, but it's up to you to figure out the particulars and I love that. It really allows you to use your own creative juices and makes the project more your own.

My first couple I made with a more deep green and burgundy. Unfortunately, I do not have the scalloped circle nestabilities (pout pout) so I used my circle cutter instead. I did two solid circles for the endcaps, and then I did two rings to fit over the spools insides and give a nice clean finish to the endcaps. I actually stamped on the clear plastic sheet, to try to give it a little something extra. I'm not sure I achieved what I hoped for, as all I can focus on is the chocolates inside! lol I attached two pieces of 1/2" wide ribbon to the bottom of my spool before covering it up with a piece of cardstock. Those run up through the center of the candy and up out the top, tying a bow at the top holds the container closed.

Since I'm making these for a craft show, I added a little 2x2 card along with a dangley ornament making them ideal for quick and easy gift giving! I'm really pleased with how my ornament turned out. Using my cricut and the Christmas Solutions cartridge I cut two solid ornaments out of cream colored paper, then cut the fancy ornaments out of the burgundy. I ran the solid ornaments through my xyron (I love that little thing) stuck the burgundy ornaments on, then filled in the spaces with gold embossing powder. A quick shot of heat, stick them back to back and the look is beautiful! (I swear, it's cooler in person than in the picture!)

After those I decided to switch it up to a snowflake theme. I have four of them, but only one is completely finished. My poor Xyron needs a replacement cartridge! This particular one is made from my largest ribbon spools, so it's a monster! A pretty monster though. :) Done with sparkly ribbon this time it's a much softer look. I added some light blue tissue paper for festiveness and cut a bunch of snowflakes (on my cricut as well) to carry the theme through.

I repeated the process of embossing the back layer of the cut out on the snowflake as I did with the ornaments, only using "Bridal" embossing powder rather than gold. I opted to stick a cut out on the little 2x2 card this time in lieu of stamping.

Overall, I am very, very pleased with these. It took a little while to figure all the details out, but once you do they're not that hard to make. I'm hoping I can get the other three finished up tomorrow. Then I have three more spool sets waiting for a new design!


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  2. Hope you don't mind me stopping by here, love all the things you have made. Wished I was good a this. Your very good. Hope you are doing good. *Hugs*

  3. Everyone is welcome here! Thanks for your kind words. I am amazed at other people's work, but it's so much fun to create. And the great thing about handmade gifts, is that it's the thought and love that go into the project, not the skill that make it great!

  4. Thanks hun...I have fun when I help my kid's do homemade things. I think this would be something I would love doing....